Eden Silk Road Cuisine, with locations in Fremont, San Francisco and coming soon to San Mateo, CA, always provide authentic Uyghur and Chinese halal food. The diversity of authentic Silk Road Cuisine has been contributed the myriad of local ethnic minorities such as Uyghur, Uzbek and Kazah. Chinese halal food appeared over 1,000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty when Islam was introduced to China. Arabic businessmen, travelers and missionaries traveled to China along the ancient Silk Road. 

Our food blends the original Middle East flavors with traditional Chinese dishes, and creates our own style to serve our customers.

Eden Silk Road is the branch of Xinjiang Herembag Trade Co., Ltd which is famous for its halal food in China. Xinjiang Herembag Trade Co., Ltd. is a share-holding enterprise, possessing the independent status of a legal person and integrating Xinjiang local ethnic tourism, catering, entertainment, guestroom, retail, real estate and medicine. It is a leading enterprise focusing on characteristic popular food and concurrently engaged in food processing and operation in national Muslim catering industry. 

The company sticks to the principle of promoting Xinjiang Food Culture, by featuring regional foods from Xinjiang and its surrounding areas. In our restaurant you can taste the amazing Uyghur and Chinese halal foods.